Eyelash *

Perm $60

Try $28 12p
Basic $75  60~80p (60min)
Volume $110  81~100p (90min)
Ex Volume $130  101p~

Salon 1~24p or Out Side 1~14p $30~
Salon 25~36p or Out Side 15~28p $50~

$20 to $40

In 3 days fix FREE
In 4 weeks remove FREE

S – Shampoo
* – from Japan

About Eyelash extension

A care methodPlease confirm it about next 3 things and please enjoy eyelash extension.

  1. We recommend that you had better avoid using to the oil cleaning around the eyes because extension glue is vulnerable of oil.
  2. When you sleep, you had better to lie by facing upward. The eyelash might be broken and strange direction becomes it.
  3. When you rub eyes, please do not rub hard or gently to do it.
  • Q: How long does it stand for?
  • A: You can enjoy approx. 2~3weeks. If you treat well, then it will stands for 4 weeks or more.
  • Q: What kinds of people are unsuitable for this treatment?
  • A: Most of the people is OK to do it, however in particular the strong allergic predisposition which is sensitive to skin. In addition, eyelash in itself aches by eyelash-curl very much, and there can be the thing that I am sorry in the eyelash having a extremely short it, but decline it.
  • Q: Can we take a shower or go to a pool?
  • A: Yes, I recommend you to refrain from the washing face of less than 1 day after treatment and then you can take a shower and so on. You would better be not too long time in the water.
  • Q: Will original eyelash have any damages?
  • A: Although it will have damage on this, a little one may sometimes happen.