Thank you for waiting.

Thank you for your continued support of Annex Hair Studio.
WE will reopen  from May 19th.
In order to prevent the infection of coronaviruses, we place the highest priority on the safety of our customers and salon staff, and thoroughly implement hygiene management such as hand disinfection, furniture disinfection, store ventilation, and widening customer intervals.

To prevent new coronavirus infections
We kindly ask for your understanding and strict observance.
Please refrain from visiting the shop if you have the following symptoms or if you have a nuclear problem.

* Those who have cold symptoms (fever, sneeze, cough)
* Those who have strong dullness (fatigue)
* People with chest discomfort
* Travelers who have traveled to countries or regions where the government has declared that they have ent ered the country within the past 14 days and require an observation period after entry into the country, and those who have close contact with this country.
* Those who are suspected of being infected by a family member or a close acquaintance

When visiting the store
*Wearing a mask in the store
*Hand washing and disinfection of fingers when visiting customers
*Customers waiting for treatment do not wait at the salon, but outside the salon (such as in a car)
Please wait at.
*Massage, magazines and beverages will be suspended for the time being.
*The stylist will wear a mask and gloves during the operation, and will serve customers with only the mini mum necessary conversation.
*Please use the minimum necessary baggage (bag, jacket).
*Only pre-bookers are available.
As a measure we can do
*Thorough body temperature and physical condition check and hand disinfection when staff go to work
*Thorough disinfection of beauty equipment
*Thoroughly disinfect areas such as doorknobs, toilets, and chairs that are touched by hands
 Frequent ventilation in the store
*Management of advance reservations so that the number of people in the store does not increase

Appointment are expected to be crowded.
We will respond in order from the customer who made a reservation in March.
When making a reservation, please inform us of your name, phone number, and stylist's name. We will contact you at a later date. As mentioned above, we will make every effort to welcome customers with thorough hygiene measures. We appreciate your cooperation. 

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* 風邪の症状(熱、くしゃみや、咳)がある方

* 強いだるさ(倦怠感)がある方

* 胸部に不快感のあるかた

* 過去14日以内に政府から入国宣言、入国後の観察期間を必要と発表されている国、地域等への渡航者の方、


* 同居家族や身近な知人に感染が疑われる方がいる方
























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